The relationship between Livio Odescalchi and Carlo Buratti

Maria Gabriella Pezone

The architectural works of Carlo Buratti (1651-1734) in Rome are strongly influenced by his origins from Ticino. In fact, his geographical origin is the nucleus around which the three most important aspects of his activities join: the relationship with Carlo Fontana (he was his kinsman and pupil), the commissioned works from Livio Odescalchi and the perfect technical organization that he was able to give to courtyards, using craftsmen from Lombard-Ticino.
Livio Odescalchi was the first Roman commissioner of works from Carlo Buratti. A member of a family of wealthy bankers from Como, he moved to Rome after the election to the papacy of his uncle Pope Innocent XI. Reflecting on some works designed and directed by Buratti for Livio Odescalchi in the early 18th century, this paper will try to bring out the strong sense of “Ticinese” identity that marked their relationship of exclusive patronage.

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